We’ve just released the second update of the Memel / Klaipėda Philatelic Handbook. This May 14, 2015 update includes a few corrections caught by our readers and new material as detailed below. All you have to do is head to your online account and download the latest eBook version with updated content, and replace files on your computer with new ones.

You can find your online account in the user account section accessible via “My Account” or by following this link. After you log in, simply look for “Available downloads” and click on the file links (like before) to download the latest eBook version.

We also added the eBook edition information to the second (b/w) title page of each handbook part as illustrated below.

where to find eBook edition information

Summary of content changes

Part 1

Chapter 4, Post Offices and Collecting Postal Cancellations
page 96, added new section D “Factors that determine the value of Memelgebiet cancellations”

page 209, added new contact information for the Germany & Colonies Philatelic Society

Part 2

Chapter 2, Forerunner Period
page 8, added example of a 1920 Forerunner Parcel Post Card

Chapter 3, The Germania Provisional Issue (Mi 1-17)
page 17, added: Mi 5 I = bent foot  of the  first “e” in “Deutsche” (Field 12)
page 25, added: Mi 13 II = a broken upper left frame (Field 29)

Chapter 4, First French Issue (Mi 18-33)
page 42, corrected typo

Part 3

Chapter 10, First Klaipėda Interim Lithuanian Issue (Mi 174-175)
page 101, better explained differences between Ie and IIe in Mi 174 and Mi 175

Chapter 14, Fifth Klaipėda Lithuanian Issue (Mi 206-229)
page 166, corrected typo

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